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The launch of the “Nursing ratios” initiative to improve patient safety at the national level

The Saudi Patient Safety Center, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and Saudi Nurses Association have launched a joint collaboration and launch of the Nursing Care Initiative. This aims to improve patient safety and improve the safety of nursing staff.
According to the Saudi Patient Safety Center, The Director General of the Center, Dr / Abdul-Ilah bin Mohammed al-Husawi said:
“The Nursing Patient Safety Initiative aims at improving the safety of patients at the national level through fruitful cooperation with the relevant sectors that have been working in this initiative for a noble national goal. Today, we have borne fruit. Thankfully, the initiative was launched in the hope that this will be reflected positively on the sector. Health in the Kingdom.”
He stressed the importance of the initiative saying:
“Many studies have shown the utmost importance of the nursing care initiative and its close association with the principle of patient safety, which is a major national goal in the Kingdom and the world at large.”
He added:
Nursing rates are one of the most important factors for patient safety. If the number of patients increased and the services of Nursing offers as it is, this will have a negative impact on the safety of patients and the staff of nursing during the performance of their work.The Saudi Patient Safety Center is the governmental entity responsible for the safety of patients and nursing staff. This governmental entity is responsible for the practice and dissemination of this culture at the national level. The Center’s activities and efforts are illustrated by the organization of local and international events and conferences, and the organization of workshops and initiatives to develop this culture among medical professionals in general.
The cooperation between the Saudi Patient Safety Center, the official entity, and the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, is the national authority for the regulation and follow-up of the health practice and the development of professionals in the nursing profession. It is also the third part of the Saudi Nurses Association, the scientific source of vocational nursing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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