Who Are We?

The SNA was founded in 30/5/2018 AD by the Board of Trustees decision No. 1 / A / 2018,to establish the Saudi Association for Occupational Nursing according to the General Regulations for establishing the professional health scientific associations.

The strategy:

Through the association, we seek to enhance nursing capabilities in their education, profession and research field, in order to keep up with the standards and regulations stipulated and applied locally and internationally, in a manner that does not contradict the values and customs of society.


To be the leading voice for nurses that moves nursing profession forward to meet the current and future needs of the Saudi society. To advance the nursing profession and enhance the health status of the Saudi society through raising efficacy and quality of care.

The purpose:

Achieving the highest level of effective communication with the members of the nursing profession locally and internationally in addition to building channels for professional communication that aims to raise the efficacy and availability of the services provided and thus create an attractive environment for the nursing profession.


Unity and Loyalty.

Honesty and Transparency.

Respect and Fidelity.

Creativity and Innovation.


1-Developing strategic partnerships at the local and global levels and mutual cooperation with the relevant authorities to reach the general goal of establishing the association.

2-Providing an attractive and stimulating environment for creativity, innovation and support to discover talents and develop capabilities.

3- To analyse and study nursing preformance and problems in order to inhance nursing profession which in term contributes to increase the demand for nursing, thus increasing the efficiency and quality of services provided.

4- establishing a database with a high level of professionalism that benefits each specialty of nursing to implement plans, proposals, programs and activities.

Board Members

Mohammed G Al Ghamdi
Mohammed G Al GhamdiPresident
Mohammed Hamdan Alshammari
Mohammed Hamdan AlshammariVice President
Ibrahim Mubarak Al Baalharith
Ibrahim Mubarak Al BaalharithSecretary
Fatema Ibrahim Al Deab
Fatema Ibrahim Al DeabTreasurer
Prof. Ahmad Aboshaiqah
Prof. Ahmad AboshaiqahMember
Zohour Ali Assiri
Zohour Ali AssiriMember
Rana Alaseeri
Rana AlaseeriMember
Dr. Nashi AlReshidi
Dr. Nashi AlReshidiMember
Nahar Mohammad AlReshidi
Nahar Mohammad AlReshidiMember
Mohammed Ali Sultan
Mohammed Ali SultanMember
Wadida Darweish Al-Shammari
Wadida Darweish Al-ShammariMember