Membership Benefits:

As a member in the Saudi Nurses Association, your membership benefits are:

• Access to the electronic services of the association, such as attending online training courses or browse our electronic newsletters.

• Free electronic quarterly newsletter.

• Professional development by obtaining discounts in training programs offered by the association or one of its partners at the local and international levels.

• Discounts of (25%) on all SNA’s Major events.

• Opportunities to travel internationally for participation in cooperative and collaborative fieldwork.

• Mentoring advice and guidance to members of the association through a committee of experts for publishing research in global health organizations.

• Join the association’s mailing list regarding announcements and invitations to attend local, regional and national global health conferences.

• Opportunities to join the Annual General Assembly Meetings.

• Opportunities for professional development and leadership roles.

• Eligibility for volunteer opportunities in community service activities.

• Access to multi-faceted global health resources on local, national, and international levels

• Invitation to join the Annual General Assembly Meeting events.

• Right to get a clinical consultation for the latest national and global nursing trends.

• Announcements and invitations to local, regional, and national global health conferences.

Membership Responsibilities:

As a member in the Saudi Nurses Association, your responsibilities are:

▪ Actively contribute to the association’s activities, meetings and events (at least three events annually).

▪Commitment to transferring documented information in an honest, accurate, and timely manner. In addition to making every effort in response to meeting or event invitations and exchange experiences with colleagues’ members of the association.

▪ To volunteer, when available, at community/national service events called by SNA.

▪ To maintain professional conduct by treating SNA members with respect and courtesy.

▪ To help maintain a positive nursing work environment for all nursing professionals.

▪ To be an ambassador for SNA and an advocate for global nursing.

▪ To recruit new members for the organization.

Membership Fees:

▪ Membership fees as shown below are tax-free.

▪ Membership begins on the day you join the SNA.

▪ Student membership required to provide supporting documents (e.g. university ID).

By pressing the Join button and filling out the application form, you indicate that you have read, understood and agreed with the SNA membership benefits and responsibilities mentioned on this page.


  1. The membership applicant must possess a scientific qualification in the specialty of nursing.

  2. The applicant must be a resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or one of the Gulf States.

  3. The applicant should submit an application to the association.

  4. The applicant shall pay the annual registration and subscription fees as decided by the association.

  5. An acceptance of the membership is issued by the Association Board of Directors, and the applicant is then informed.

  6. The Active member will have full voting privileges in all elections and matters open to the full(active) membership.

Associate Membership:

  1. It is granted to non-residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or Gulf States who hold a recognized certificate in nursing.

  2. Granted to residents and non-residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who are holding nursing qualifications different from that of the association.

  3. Granted to nurses, medical, applied medicine and other related technical medical students.

  4. Other professionals involved in the specialty that do not have a recognized nursing certificate and do not fulfill the educational qualifying conditions of the active members.

  5. The associate member is exempted from half of the annual subscription fee and its committees, without the right of voting.

All male and female students in the specialty of nursing, but they are not permitted to attend sessions of the General Assembly and its various committees, nor participate in discussions, nor vote or nominate.

Active Membership One Year

SR250One Year

Active Membership Two Years

SR400Too Years

Active Membership Three Years

SR550Three Years

Affiliate Membership One Year

SR150One Year

Affiliate Membership Two Years

SR240Too Years

Affiliate Membership Three Years

SR350Three Years

Student Membership One Year

SR90One Year

Student Membership Two Years

SR140Too Years

Student Membership Three Years

SR200Three Years