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The International Achievement Award

The last date for applying to the competition is 10/12/202 AD
Among the privileges of SNA membership is to participate in international awards

Award description

The International Achievement Award is ofered biennially to a practising nurse, with at least 10 years of nursing experience in one of the following domains of nursing: direct care, education, management or research. Nominees must have achieved significant impact internationally. A commemorative gift and a certificate detailing the award will be presented and the award recipient will deliver a public address to an audience of nurses from around the world. Related travel and subsistence costs will be included in the award. An official register of recipients and citations is maintained.


  • Nominees must be practising nurses, with a minimum 10 years of nursing experience, in one domain of nursing: direct care, education, management or research.

  • Nominees must have achieved significant impact internationally.

  • Nominees must be members of a national nurses association (NNA) in current membership (dues fully paid) of the International Council of Nurses (ICN).

  • Nominees must agree to be nominated, to deliver a public address on the occasion of the presentation of the award at an international nursing event, and to partake in award publicity.

  • The award will not be made posthumously.

Nomination process

  • Nominations may be made by any NNA in paid-up membership with the International Council of Nurses

  • There is no restriction on the number of candidates presented by each NNA as long as they fit the criteria.

  • Nominations must be submitted on the official nomination form available to all ICN members, shared by email and available on ICN member space or by email at nursing@icn.ch.

  • Completed forms must be received at ICN headquarters by 15 December 2022.

Note: Members of the FNIF, ICNF and ICN Boards of Directors and any employees of these organisations may not make or support nominations, nor be nominated themselves.

Previous recipients

  • 1999 Margaret Hilson (Canada), for her active role in international health programmes; for her work with a women’s peasant farmers’ organisation in Central America to develop village health programs; and for work with a gold miners’ union to assess occupational health and safety issues and prevention strategies.

  • 2001 Susie Kim (Korea), for her work in the field of mental health; and the design and establishment of the first community-based mental health nurse care centre in Korea which has been recognised internationally as applicable in diverse cultural settings.

  • 2003 Carol Etherington (USA), for the community-based programmes she developed for people living in the aftermath of war and natural disaster; and for advocating for vulnerable and victimised populations, addressing child abuse, ethics, human rights and victims of disasters.

  • 2005 No award presented.

  • 2007 Anneli Eriksson (Sweden), for opening access to nursing care to vulnerable populations; and for helping endangered communities during catastrophes and those living in precarious conditions.

  • 2009 No award presented

  • 2011 Liisa Hallila (Finland), for her work in evidence-based nursing education and service development, organisational ethics, project planning, management and evaluation, teaching and training, and culturally sensitive practice; and for contributing to the development of health care systems.

  • 2013 No award presented.

  • 2015 Subadhra Devi Rai (Singapore), for her outstanding work in the health of women and refugees, focusing on caring for vulnerable population with a special interest in gender-based violence, sexual health and reintegration of refugees.

  • 2017 Nancy Glass (USA), for her research on ending violence against women and girls globally researcher in women’s health. For her work as an expert in intimate partner violence (IPV), public health and global health.

  • 2019 Dr Joyce Fitzpatrick (USA), for her international contribution in advancing nursing education through research, innovative conceptual models, and theory development.

  • 2021 Marianne Stoger & Margaritha Pissarek for their lifelong devotion and sacrifice in treating patients with Hansen’s disease on Sorok Island, in South Korea.

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